Nick Hoeken

Hi, my name is Nick Hoeken and I think it is important that you can talk about your concerns in your daily life in an accessible way. Attention may also be paid to relationships and sexuality. These concerns receive attention through short programs so people can improve their quality of life. Every new process is a growth process for both clients and myself. For a nice conversation, I like to create a safe atmosphere to be able to talk about your concerns.

Sexological counseling

Sexological counseling is a kind of short-term therapie that aims to work on a sexual worry and concern and to treat it whenever possible.

When sex is no longer enjoyable, when there are concerns or other problems occur, people often only look for help after a few years. This is very unfortunate, because the earlier you treat it, the easier it is.

If you find it important that an open, accepting and accessible atmosphere is created during the conversations, then you will feel at ease during our conversations. 
Examples of problems that you can turn to me for include problems with sexual desire, problems with sexual arousal, problems around orgasms, sexual pain problems, sexual dissatisfaction, relationship problems, concerns with sexual orientation, gender identity problems and concerns with paraphilia / fetishes.
If you are not sure if your concern / problem is represented, please contact me! I am open to all questions and do my best to help you in the best way possible. 

The conversations can continue both individually and with partner(s).
A suitable location in the Nijmegen region will also be sought by request. 

The conversations are sexpositive, LGBTI+ - friendly and respectful.
The conversations can take place in Dutch and English.

Persons with disabilities who need a sexological consultation, contact me!
That way we can look at the possibilities together.

How does it work?

After requesting an appointmentvia the contact form, mail or telephone, an appointment is planned. During this intake session we will get to know each other and you will see if there is a certain click. It is important that we both feel good, so that safe sessions can follow. After the introduction follows the moment at which you can ask your question or put your care on the table. Following your carequestion, I can indicate how I can help you and how our further trajectory will take form. We'll plan a follow-up session at the end of the appointment.

Then a few follow-up sessions follow. Depending on the demand, this may be more or fewer. My goal is to help you as quickly as possible with your question or concern.

In our last session, we complete the process together and see what you need to be able to continue to hold the positive change in your life.
The sessions take place in a practiceroom of Sarvata, center for Health and Welfare. It is also possible to meet on location, for example at your home, contact me for the possibilities!

Are you interested or are you curious if I can help you?
Then get in touch!

Nick Hoeken

The sessions take place in a practiceroom of Sarvata, center for Health and Welfare. It is also possible to meet on location, for example at your home, contact us for the possibilities!

Appointments are made within the possibilities of the schedules of Sarvata.

Adress Sarvata

Schependomlaan 17e
6542 RL Nijmegen

For the route information I would like to refer you to the website of Sarvata: http://www.sarvata.nl/contact/route/